Banking tablet app. Freelance project, Amsterdam (2015).
Business context: financial services / Client: Backbase / My role: manage and execute the whole project as Lead Designer / Target audience: young, trendy digital people

    • backbase landing page
    • backbase launch pad

Backbase helps financials and large enterprises upgrade their portal without replacing the current systems in use. A selection of financial intranet portals provided detailed information as part of a competitor analysis, and was taken as inspiration in UX/UI design.

    • backbase - competitor analysis 1
    • backbase - competitor analysis 2

The main goal was to create an easy to use platform that makes banking faster, simpler and smarter. So I re-imagined an account summary screen as a web 3.0 banking dashboard, adding new ideas, extras and thoughts.

    • backbase - sketches
    • backbase mobile

This design proposal aims to keep the dashboard uncluttered while providing a comprehensive, intelligence-rich snapshot of the financial information, communicating critical information in a way users can understand, delivered when and where they need the information. Account movements display icons according to the type of company / business that issues the feeds or expenses.

    • backbase - icons
    • backbase - graphs

A widget-based solution through dynamic building blocks (flexibility + functionality) includes a vertical navigation bar that allows users to know where they’re going at anytime during the journey, filtering search results to define the scope of the data.
The flow content shows 3 steps, providing the ability to drill down to detailed information in order to gain more context. Profile and notifications are always visible at the top bar even when a general category may change.

    • backbase lean portal
    • backbase wireframe

Summary of approach: 1. Scope: specific process; 2. Business role: operational; 3. Time horizon: real-time; 4. Customization: customizable (functionality to let users create a view that reflects their needs); 5. Level of detail: drill-able; 6. Point of view: prescriptive.

    • backbase account summary
    • backbase mockup

Recommended actions

1. Interactive features (zooming, editable charts).
2. Progress bars that make data more meaningful and relevant.
3. Dynamic self-service solution to identify trends and behaviour patterns.
4. Regional, product category and key performance indicators in the same view to get a comprehensive picture.